A few of my favourite Castle things

With the end of Castle in sight and because I haven’t had the chance to do this on the actually days, I thought I would join in the #bestofbeckett tag and share my favourite Beckett moments. Although I have taken a number of liberties and added a few Castle favs too, merging the best of Beckett with some of the favourite things categories from the season 6 featurette. I’m also working on my top 5 episodes of Castle which I hope to post soon (fingers crossed).

Favourite Beckett Hairstyle
Honestly I can’t choose between these two. The Castle stylists are amazing! Let’s be honest though, Beckett/Stana is all the hair goals, no hairstyle has been bad, every style is wonderful!

I love this amazing braid, every time I see it I fall in love – S04E06 Demons

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 22.03.02

Classic & gorgeous – S07E16 – The Wrong Stuff












Favourite Beckett Coat
The ever going mystery of how can an NYPD cop afford such lavish and expensive coats. To quote Castle “don’t ruin my story with your logic”.  I love every single leather jacket Katherine Beckett has worn but I think when it comes to favourite coat these ones win my heart. (Note to self must ask @redcarpetluke to costume design my life)

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 23.05.50 Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 23.06.43


Special Mention Beckett Outfits
Ok I know, i’m taking liberties here but I really love these two outfits so I couldn’t not mention them.

S04E14 – The Blue Butterfly

Beckett's Wedding Dress

S06E23 – For Better or for Worse









Best Castle Outfit
Beckett’s not the only one with some wonderful outfits so I have to mention my favourite Castle attire. Now, I would normally choose the Mal/Space Cowboy costume as I love Firefly but for this I thought I would rule that one out and choose another.

Steampunk Castle! The arm is crazy cool and I just love all the outfits in this episode. Add to that the way he answers the door completely kitted out, asking Beckett “how do you know you’re in love” is just perfect.

Steampunk Castle - S03E04 - Punked


Favourite Bromance Moment (Rysposito)
Two favourite moments and i’m sure i’m just replicating the thoughts of other Castle fans with these.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 22.48.38

S06E11 – Under Fire



Badass Beckett Moment
There are so many and that’s why I love this show. Two stand out to me in particular.

Beckett’s reaction to Alexis being kidnapped and her direct reaction to Castle’s pain and her need to protect & help him.



The second is when she finally gets to arrest Senator William Bracken . As she walks into that room it is the accumulation of the years and episodes focused on her mother’s murder story arc. It is the perfect ending and victory for Beckett!

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 21.41.59

S06E22 – Veritas


Favourite Beckett Facial Expression
Stana Katic is the queen of facial expressions, from subtle to full on emotional, she’s amazing! There is no one better, so how could I choose just one? I had to choose four because… well just because 🙂 .

raw-4 raw-2



Favourite Beckett Quote
Still coming to grips with & dealing with the PTSD from the shooting that left her nearly dead, Beckett seeks therapy & admits that she wants to get to a place where she feels she can finally be with Castle and move beyond the things dragging her into the past.

“I wanna be more than who I am” – Katherine Beckett (S04E09 – Kill Shot)



Favourite Castle Quote
Difficult to choose but one, however this quote is the moment I got excited about everything Castle.

Castle finally admits to Martha why he spends so much time researching with the NYPD.

“It’s not about the books anymore” – Richard Castle (S03E13 – Knockdown)



Favourite Guest Star
There have been so many great guest stars but I love the episode with Alyssa Milano. This episode teaches us a lot about Richard Castle’s past, who he was & still is under the bravado exterior. The connection between the two characters really clicks and you really feel like there’s history between them.

Alyssa Milano – S02E12 – A Rose for Everafter

Richard & Kyra – S02E12 – A Rose for Everafter






Favourite Crazy Castle Theory
Although these have kind of got a little too out of hand this season to my liking, I always loved Castle’s crazy theories whether it be the killer is a zombie, invisible man or ghosts. My favourite by far has got to be ninja assassin, in the earlier series this was thrown out there a lot by Castle, and then it became some what true in S06E18 – The Way of the Ninja.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 21.27.21

S06E18 – The Way of the Ninja

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 21.28.08

S06E18 – The Way of the Ninja






Favourite piece of Martha advice
It has to be the ‘Tell her how you feel’ advice. Such an important moment and it feels like Martha is speaking the thoughts of every Castle fan out there with this great piece of advice.


Beckett/Lanie Moment
Much like how Martha is Castle’s voice of reason & source of advice, Lanie offers the same insight and wisdom for Beckett. Being the best friend who is always there for her and offering some of the best sassy & fun lines in the whole series. This has to be my favourite Lanie moment although any time she is sassy is a highlight.

The straight up truths to Beckett in this scene is my favourite Lanie/Beckett moment, including the next scene from the same episode with some great comedy from Lanie.


Favourite Castle/Alexis Moment
There really could be no other moment than this. This is one the first moments that made me really love Castle. His sense of play and just being a big kid is something I really relate to, so these two playing laser tag is my favourite father/daughter moment.

S01E05 A Chill Goes Thru Her Veins

S01E05 – A Chill Goes Thru Her Veins

Castle S04E22 Undead Again

S04E22 – Undead Again


Favourite Caskett Moment
Every Caskett moment is my favourite Caskett moment (excluding most of season 8 😉 ) But if I really had to choose just one this would be it. For this and my favourite Caskett kiss, i’ve ruled out the Always scene because of course that moment is special, it’s the moment they finally made it work.

My favourite Caskett moment is when Castle tells Beckett what great love stories are made of and how they can’t give up. It’s the perfect way to explain their relationship and how much they’ve been through to get where they are and to achieve their ‘Always’.


Favourite Caskett Kiss
I really like the whole vibe of the final scene in S06E15 – Smells Like Teen Spirit, it’s very sweet & innocent and they finally choose their song. My favourite part of this moment is Castle saying that everything he’s ever done has led up to this one moment with Beckett, I just love that idea andddd I guess the kiss is alright too.

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And thats it…. I think I may have got a little carried away there, but I hope anyone that finds themselves reading this enjoyed it. If anyone else has done blogs of their favourite Castle moments, link it in the comments, I’d love to see other peoples favourite moments.

One more for luck 😉





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