First a foremost I would like to welcome you to this page and apologise in advance for what will most likely be a number of poorly written, ramblings from my thoughts on all things gaming, film and television or what I lovingly have named the world of nerd.

I started to have the urge to start this page when I found myself delving further into the world of nerd and feeling an ever growing need to share my opinions and thoughts on everything that I feel so passionate and excited about. I’m hoping that even though my friends and family may not appreciate me being ridiculously excited about “that one thing that happened in this one show thats hinting at this other show I love” there are others out there as fanatical as me and will find what I write at least somewhat interesting.

So thanks again for taking the time to read this, hopefully you will find something interesting and if not I apologise for wasting your time! Anyone else I hope to connect with you and start a conversation so don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or tweet me (@Rainbow_Punch)!



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